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Radon gas is not something that you can detect on your own. The radioactive gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, and could be around several years in your property before you begin to experience the effects of contamination. Radon gas inhalation can lead to numerous health problems, including a significant increase in the risk for cancer. Radon Shield LLC is an affordable, accurate, and precise provider of radon testing in Trenton, NJ.

Since radon is a naturally occurring gas, it's nearly impossible to completely remove, but can be reduced to an acceptable and safe level. The first step to addressing radon levels is to test for them. 

We offer 100 mile radius service within the Trenton, NJ area, and we are well-experienced. Our helpful home inspectors will come to your property and perform several tests for radon, pinpointing the levels of radon present and sources of the gas. Our effective radon services allow us to formulate a cheap and effective plan to get radon out from your property. 

Our high quality work speaks for itself, and our friendly service gives property owners a great experience and reassurance that their property will be safe after we complete our work. We have numerous verified customer testimonials, and a photo gallery where you can browse through pictures and examples of our work to see how the process actually is. 

Get in contact with us today to request service and begin the process of making your property safer. Reduce lung cancer risk and other health problems by having our team come and test your property for radon, and enact a plan to keep you safe moving forward, all while keeping you accurately informed about the plan. 

Our services will make your property into the safe environment it should be. Go with Radon Shield LLC.

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