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Radon gas is nothing to disregard or mess around with. It is entirely undetectable to human senses, and can lead to several severe health problems over time while also significantly increasing cancer risks.Radon gas can be found anywhere, and is a problem that does not discriminate depending on the size or type of the property. Home, business, school, day care centers, all can contain radon gas, and all should be tested for possible contamination. 

It is nearly impossible to completely rid a property of radon, but it is possible to reduce the level to one that is safe and habitable through successful mitigations. 

First comes the actual testing in a property to gauge the level of radon and where it's coming in from. Once testing is completed and results analyzed, the next step is to perform an installation of a system that mitigates the radon out from inside the home. Radon Shield LLC is experienced and professional provider of radon gas mitigation in Trenton, NJ. Our services offer quick results, and are proven to reduce radon levels. We take the long term safety of your property seriously, and will install mitigation systems that provide peace of mind while ensuring safety. 

Some might think that they can tackle a radon problem on their own, adopting a do-it-yourself approach. This is not recommended for a problem that is as serious as radon. Only trained professionals should be trusted to lower radon gas concentrations in a home, and that is exactly what we can do. 

Our staff of experienced and knowledgeable mitigation experts will evaluate the source of the radon, and determine the best course of action for installing a system that properly reduces radon, accounting for the property type and the ground that it sits on. 

Don't rely on yourself or a company without the proper knowledge and experience. Trust in Radon Shield LLC, a proven provider of radon mitigation.

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