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Radon is a naturally occurring, cancer-causing gas that is both odorless and tasteless. The U.S. Surgeon General has actually warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. The higher the level of radon in your home, the higher the risk of cancer. Even more concerning is the fact that numerous scientific studies of radon exposure have shown that children may be more sensitive to radon than adults, as they are still developing. 

Radon poisoning often doesn't get the attention it requires because it is in fact naturally occurring. It's not the biproduct of manufacturing, or car pollution, or anything similar. It is a natural, radioactive gas that exists in the soil beneath a structure, and can find it's way in through a variety of ways. 

Radon is virtually impossible to eliminate completely, but it is possible to reduce it to a safe inside a structure. Radon Shield LLC is an experienced and reliable provider of radon mitigation services that can get your property to where it needs to be when it comes to acceptable radon levels. We do this through a simple process First, our staff comes to your property and meets with you to discuss your home or business and the concerns you may have. We then employ our advanced radon testing techniques, pinpointing the exact levels of the radon and the sources in your home. 

After reviewing the results of our tests, we then formulate a mitigation plan for the installation of a mitigation system that effectively reduces the radon level of your property for the long term. 

Our years of experience have given us numerous situations and properties to deal with. We are confident that we can handle any of your radon mitigation needs. Give us a call today to set up a time for our staff to come by and conduct a radon test, and move forward with ensuring that your property is safe. 

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